Beverly Coat Hanger

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Our patented TRIANGLE NOTCH ® is the most secure means of holding garments with shoulder straps. The two tapered fingers at the top of the notch are designed to provide maximum strength and prevent the straps from easily slipping out of the notch. This LOCKING NOTCH ® design provides space for straps up to 1.5 inches wide. Inside surfaces of the notch are completely smooth and are finished in the same manner as the exterior surface of the hanger.
Our CHECK NOTCH is designed to hold garments with extra wide shoulder straps. This notch will also hold standard and narrow width straps, though not as securely as the TRIANGLE NOTCH®.
The U NOTCH is used only for garments with thin "spaghetti" style Shoulder straps. Notch dimensions are 5/16 inch wide by approximately 1/2 inch deep. All notches are smoothly finished to provide a snag free surface.