Beverly Coat Hanger

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SLIPGUARD® is a thin transparent coating applied to the top surface of each shoulder. This unique invisible coating has a high tack nature which will keep even the most difficult to hang garments off the floor and neatly in place on the hanger.
  SHOULDER GRIPPERS attach over the ends of most dress and shirt hanger styles. These attachments are made of a soft pliable material which will stop any garment from sliding out of position. Natural color is semitransparent. Also available in black.
NONSLIP INSERTS are neatly attached inside a groove cut into the top of each shoulder. The serrated surface molded into the inserts acts as grippers that strongly resist garment slippage. Inserts have a natural semitransparent appearance. Length of inserts varies according to hanger size.
FOAM SHOULDER STRIPS are self-adhesive 3/8 inch wide foam strips which attach to the top surface of each shoulder. This open cell foam securely grips all fabrics and will not cause discoloration problems. Standard color is charcoal. Length for adult size hangers is 4 inches.
SPIRAL FOAM trouser bars virtually eliminate trouser bar slippage problems. This patented product, used in conjunction with a normal locking bar, prevents trousers from slipping during jarring shipping and distribution handling. The SPIRAL FOAM is neatly concealed underneath the trousers and has no effect on the visual presentation of the garment.

Wire coil with wooden bar

Round wooden bar with nonslip vinyl tube

Rectangular wooden bar with nonslip vinyl strip