Beverly Coat Hanger

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PAD PRINTING provides a wide range of graphic options and is an economical means of conveying your identification. Single or multicolor graphics can be imprinted on one side or on two sides of most hanger models. A large selection of standard ink colors is available and custom color ink can be mixed to your specifications.
LASER ENGRAVING is an exceptional method of projecting a distinctive image. A high power laser is used to cleanly engrave virtually any graphics in sharp detail. The laser engraving process creates a three dimensional appearance which conveys a notable statement of your identification.
METAL LOGO PLATES are an elegant means of communicating corporate and brand identification. Graphics are stamped into the plate and accented in black to enhance the visual appearance. Standard plated finishes are 14kt gold and chrome. Custom finishes and sizes are available. The logo plates are firmly attached to the hangers with two brads in the same finish as the plate.